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YAYAYAYAYAYAYA. Hopefully I made a good grade on the tests ..

You are made
out of comets
and stars.

Do not surround
yourself with those
that treat you like
dirt and dust.




I’ve decided to design a line of clothing, and I’m going to call it It Has Pockets. It’s going to be a line of simple dresses and skirts and every single one will have fucking pockets.

We should be funding this

but normal sized pockets. not pockets that can only hold 2 pieces of lint and a grain of rice if you’re lucky

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Shawn and Cam it’s my friendMatt it’s me

Shawn and Cam it’s my friend
Matt it’s me


 How to Stay Healthy at College?

Many of us fitblrs are broke, college students and one thing we struggle with is balancing our school work, a social life, and a healthy lifestyle. What are some ways to make this work?

It can be tough but it definitely is manageable! College is the time when you are finally out on your own, free to make your own decisions and your own rules. Living a healthy lifestyle in college does not have to be hard though and it does not require hours of preparation! The main key is to key a fairly consistent schedule! Get into the habit of making certain meals on a certain night of the week, going grocery shopping, etc.

How to eat healthy while at college:

  • Keep lots of things prepared. I usually make pasta on Mondays (since I don’t have late classes that day), I buy bags of veggies that are microwavable, I have apples & PB, which make a quick&easy snack, I have chips & salsa for another quick and easy snack, etc. Find foods that are easy for you and don’t require a lot of preparation!
  • Pack little bags or containers of snack the night before. This way when you are running late to class the next morning you can grab one and go! 
  • Keep a budget. Since many of us do not have a ton of extra money, limit yourself each week. I have a set grocery list and it is typically $50 per week. I get lots of fresh fruit and veggies, peanut butter, spaghetti and spaghetti sauce(which is the cheapest meal ever), and some snacks.
  • Limit yourself to eating out a few times a week. Don’t go out too often, it is cheaper and healthier to cook for yourself! Instead invite your friends to come over and cook a healthy dinner! You can make it fun!
  • Find healthy options for when you do go out. There is almost always a salad, a veggie side, whole wheat options, etc. Even if you just switch the fries for veggies and keep your normal meal the same that is still a healthier option!
  • Go for water. Wherever you are get a water. Skip the soda or whatever else. Water is the best option there is! I always have at least one of my camelbacks with me! Make a habit of taking water with you!

How to keep up with exercise:

  • Walk. A simple way to get in your daily exercise is to walk! Walk around campus between classes and walk to your class! That is a great way to get in some easy exercise!
  • Go to the gym! Most colleges have a gym- take advantage of this and GO! You get a free membership (covered in your tuition) and tons of free classes! My gym has tons of different sports going on, equipment, and classes! There is always something for everyone! 
  • Fit it into your schedule. If you are a morning person or you don’t have classes until the afternoon then go before class! If you prefer your workouts between or after classes then go then! Make it part of your daily routine though! You will be more likely to stick to it!
  • Find a workout buddy! This will not only help you to keep up a social life but it will also motivate you to go to the gym! It is easier to tell yourself you are too lazy to go to the gym but when someone is planning to go with you you feel more guilty if you say no simply because you don’t want to!

How to keep up your education:

  • Find a study buddy! You can study together and work on homework together! Sometimes it can be more distracting but other times it can be motivating!
  • Go to class and do your homework!
  • Find a tutor or talk to your teacher if you need help!

How to maintain a social life:

  • Get involved! Figure out which clubs you want to join and join a few! Not too many because it is better to be highly involved in a few groups rather than not too involved in tons of groups. Organizations are a great way to meet people with similar interests as you!
  • Find your group of friends. This can be one person or 20 people. Whoever you want and like but make sure they are good friends to you and stick with the ones who stand by your side through everything! You may not be close with your roommates but you can meet people anywhere! There are so many opportunities in college!
  • If you aren’t into partying don’t worry! Like I said before- find your group of friends! If they are into partying then look for a few others who aren’t and hang out with them on the weekends! Go shopping, have a movie night, something low key and enjoyable! 

How to stay sane in college:

  • College can be a stressful time and it can be hard for many people. If you are struggling I urge you to seek help! Many colleges offer free counseling if you need to go and talk to someone! If you are struggling talk to a counselor, a friend, or anyone you trust.
  • Be involved. Being involved helps you to stay active and not cut yourself out of society and let yourself fall into depression. It is hard being away from everything and everyone you know. But you cannot let yourself be alone during this transition! Everyone is going through the same thing and looking for friends as well! Get through this time together!
  • If college is stressful or the workload is too much then consider taking fewer credits! It is better for you to feel organized and understand what you are learning, rather than BSing your way through college for grades. The knowledge you gain will be very important in your career.
  • Get a agenda/planner and organize your weeks. Help yourself figure out what you need to do and when so you don’t get stressed or overwhelmed last minute when you have so much piled up to do!
  • Set time aside to do something you love everyday! Remember to have fun!

College is a great time! Remember to make the best of it! Have fun, do well, stay safe, enjoy yourself, and live your life!

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Her face in the last gif makes me so sad

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