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too soon

it’s been 102 years

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its 2014 and still no fanfic could top this one


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#Lord Disick is taking none of your bullshit today

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I’ve seen that there are literally so many different types of tea available, so I decided to put together an idea of the types of tea that are available to you and what the benefits are.

  • Green tea: Green tea is amazing, there are so many benefits, for example it can help to lower cancer risk, green tea is filled with beautiful antioxidants, it can help to lower blood pressure, can prevent and fight tooth decay, improve cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of things like Alzhiemers and Parkinsons. Green tea helps to speed up the metabolic rate as it has an antioxidant effect on the liver, but the other bonus is, it can help prevent bad breath as it has an antibacterial agent within the tea!
  • Black Tea: Black tea has been shown to have the highest caffeine content but it has shown that black tea can help protect lungs from damage if you’re a smoker, and may also reduce the risk of a stroke. Black tea can also help with your oral health, for example it can reduce plaque formation of cavities and tooth decay. Black tea can also help with stress (brilliant right?) studies have shown that the amino acid L-theanine can help you relax and concentrate better.
  • White tea: White tea is brilliant! It is filled with lots of antioxidants, it promotes the body to have healthy and radiant skin, but also it has been shown to help with heart protection, by thinning the blood, lowering cholesterol and protecting the entire circulatory system. Some researchers have even said if you drink 2 or more cups of tea a day you’re almost 50% less likely to die after suffering a heart attack.
  • Oolong Tea: Oolong tea has some similar health benefits to the other teas, for example reducing high blood pressure, strengthening teeth, but also boost metabolism and burn fat cells faster. 
  • Nettle tea: Nettle tea is one of the best remedies for things like anemia, high blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis, coughs and colds, congestion, urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder problems.
  • Passionflower tea: Passionflower tea is really good if you have anxiety or you struggle with stress, but also there are other benefits such as improving blood circulation, treating physical aches and pains, and helping feeling nausea relief. 
  • Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea is really popular and can really help soothe stomach and relieves bloating and indigestion. Chamomile can also help to calm people’s minds and help relax you and deal better with stress. If you struggle to sleep at night, having a cup of chamomile tea helps to relax the mind and body and allow you to fall off to sleep naturally. 
  • Ginger tea: Ginger tea has a lot of benefits, it can help to combat nausea, but also if you suffer from motion sickness, having one cup of ginger tea can help prevent the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. It can also improve the stomach performance for example preventing bloating after eating to much, and can also have a positive impact upon your appetite. Ginger tea has also been show to lower bad cholesterol and help detoxify the liver. 
  • Peppermint tea: Peppermint tea is a very soothing tea, it can help the body digest food better and reduce any digestive issues. It has also been shown that people who suffer with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and gallstones have been prescribed peppermint tea. If you suffer with heartburn, don’t drink peppermint tea, it can it worse in the long run. 
  • Lavender tea: Lavender tea can help to soothe the mind and body, and can get you naturally off to sleep, it can also help if you’re feeling down and depressed, as it has been shown to lift your spirits. Lavender tea helps soothe and treat colic, bowel infections and an upset stomach, it can also help you reduce coughs, bronchitis, asthma, cold and respiratory problems. 
  • Lemon balm tea: Lemon balm tea can help to calm nerves and anxiety. However cold lemon balm tea bags can also help to relieve cold sores (win win situation) lemon balm can also help to regulate the thyroid! If you mix lemon balm with peppermint, it can also help calm upset stomach and soothe the digestive system. 
  • Rosemary tea: Rosemary tea is such a beneficial tea, it can help to relax your muscles aid digestion, if you have gall bladder and liver problems and you drink rosemary tea regularly then it will help relieve the symptoms. 
  • Hibiscus flower tea: Hibiscus tea is shown to lower blood pressure, reduce high cholesterol and strengthen the immune system as hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin c. If you have hibiscus flower infusions it has been seen to reduce hypertension too!
  • Cardamom tea: Both dried white cardamom flowers and the aromatic seeds can be used to make this tea. There are lots of benefits fr example it can help to treat indigestion, to prevent stomach pain, and also help if you’re feeling nauseous. And ladies, if you experience a lot of mood swings when you’re on your period, it can really beneficial if you drink this tea! 
  • Milk thistle tea: Milk thistle tea does a really gentle cleanse on your liver, it can also help for your liver to function better, but also milk thistle can encourage the production of bile which helps our digestion! 
  • Rosehip tea: Rosehips are filled with vitamin c which is so important for a healthy immune system and for skin and tissue healthy.
  • Lemongrass tea: Lemongrass is often had after dinner as it is seen to aid digestion, and if you drink this after a meal it can help take away that feeling of being really full. Lemongrass also helps relaxation and promotes a restful nights sleep.
  • Echinacea tea: Echinacea tea is used a lot to prevent/cure the common cold and can also be seen to enhance the immune system, relieve pains and help to reduce inflammation.
  • Yerba mate tea: Yerba mate tea is made with the filled with antioxidants and vitamins, it enhances the ability to focus, enhanced clarity and focus. Yerba mate tea, also helps to make your body use carbohydrates more efficiently (yay) but also yerba mate helps to support cardiovascular health for example it will help fat and cholesterol move through your blood stream so they don’t accumulate on the artery walls. 
  • Ginseng tea: Ginseng tea is a recommended tea for ladies who suffer with menstrual cramps and can help to reduce the amount of pain a woman is in during her period. Ginseng can also help to lower the blood pressure and increase the energy levels of a person who drinks the tea. Ginseng tea can also help give a libido boost, a heightened sexual satisfaction, but also increase sperm count for a guy. 
  • Licorice root tea: Licorice root tea can help if you have constipation, it has anti inflammatory properties, and ease the pain of arthritis. Licorice root tea can also help to protect the stomach lining and neutralise the toxin in the liver and help with treating liver disorders. 
  • Valerian root tea: Valerian root tea is really helpful if you struggle with sleeping so drink this a few hours before you go to sleep in the evening and it will help you to naturally fall off to sleep. 
  • Safflower tea: Safflower tea is shown to help soothe your nerves and relax you but also helping to strengthen your immunity. Safflower tea is filled full of antioxidants, to help prevent heart disease, decrease inflammation in your arteries and lower bad cholesterol levels.

Put the kettle on and enjoy!

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I took my little brother (who falls on the autism spectrum) to see Guardians of the Galaxy and after this scene he lit up like a Christmas tree and screamed “He’s like me! He can’t do metaphors!” And for the rest of the film my brother stared at Drax in a state of rapture. 

So for the last 6 days I have heard my brother repeatedly quote all of the Drax lines from the movie verbatim (one of his talents), begin studying vocabulary test words, and tell everyone he knows that people with autism can also be superheroes.

Now I am not saying that Drax the Destroyer is, or was ever, intended to be autistic. All I am saying is that it warmed my heart to see my brother have an opportunity to identify himself with a character known for his strength, badassness, and honor. And that is pretty damn awesome. 

So while I adored Guardians of the Galaxy as a great fun loving film with cool characters I can do nothing but thank Marvel Studios and Dave Bautista for finally bringing a superhero to the screen that my little brother can relate to.




Sorry to interrupt the Robin Williams posts but I feel like this needs to be shared. The adult film star Christy Mack has been hospitalized after being severely beaten by former boyfriend/MMA Fighter, Jonathan Koppenhaver aka “War Machine”. She sustained injuries such as 18 broken bones in her face, broken nose, multiple teeth knocked out, a fractured rib, ruptured liver and no use of her left leg. He also cut most of her hair off with a dull knife and cut her several different times and attempted to rape her. Thank god she was able to get out of the house and have a neighbor help her and take her to the hospital. Christy said he has beaten her several times in the past but never this bad. On his twitter he referred to her as “his property and always will be” if that’s not the talk of a complete psycho I don’t know what is. This is never okay. Being someone who has seen and been around horrible situations like this my heart goes out to her and hopes she makes a speedy recovery. There is a fundraiser to help pay for her hospital/surgery/recovery expenses that you can go to here:

if there is one thing in this world that fuels a raging fire in me that could fucking make me feel like i could LITERALLY get arrested for man slaughter, its the abuse of women. signal boost the fuck out of this. countless women go through this every single day and no one does shit about it. im fucking sick and tired of seeing my sisters get beaten half to death because of men. im fucking sick and tired of men thinking that we are their property. im fucking sick and tired of being dehumanized and fucking objectified and silenced. and im sick and fucking tired of my sisters being murdered at the hands of misogynists. when will this end? its so hard to not feel fucking defeated sometimes. 

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